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  • Nowruz-Persian New Year

          Meaning of Nowruz Nowruz - the Iranian’s New Year- is one of the most...
  • Chaharshanbe Soori (Festial of Fire)

      Happy Chahar Shanbeh Soori and May your wishes come true People of Persian culture celebr...
  • Naqsh-e Rostam

        Naqsh-e Rostam is an ancient necropolis located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis,...
  • Qur'an Gate

    Qur'an Gate is a historic gate in the north of Shiraz, Iran. It is located at the n...
  • Khaju Bridge

    Khaju Bridge  is a bridge in the province of Isfahan, Iran, which has been described as the fin...



Derak Travel arranges diverse tour styles for individuals, small and large groups in different ages and with different interests. Our Iran tours are divided into six categories:

Cultural tours allow you to visit Iran masterpieces of monuments in famous touristic destinations. You can also enjoy staying with Iran nomads in their black tents.

Eco tours allow you to have leisure time which involve visiting scenic and natural areas such as beaches, deserts and jungles.

Festival tours give you an opportunity to attend Iran national festivals and ceremonies such as rose water, Yalda night, Noruz, Imam Hussain Tasoua and Ashoura while visiting different cities of Iran.

Religious tours include the holy cities of Iran such as Mashhad, Qom and Shiraz which allow you to visit the holy shrines while enjoy visiting the sights.

Daily tours allow you to have a full day tour of Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd while you are staying in Iran.

Health tours focuse on medical treatments and the use of healthcare services.

In our tailor made, we are flexible to provide you the most suitable itinerary which covers the main touristic highlights based on your interest and travel length.


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