Iran offer different accommodation choice from backpacker guest houses to five star hotels. It depends on your interest and budget, we will give you the right option. Derak works closely with Iranian hotels chains as well as many individuals' traditional houses, so you can be sure we will get the perfect accommodation for your private individual and group tours at the best available rate.

To be sure that the hotels are reserved for you, you can call to the hotel directly or we can present you the hotel voucher. There are different types of accommodations for your stay in Iran as below: 


Hotels are the best option if you prefer fully equipped accommodation for your stay. There are several types of hotels such as 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels and 5-star hotels. A wide range of guest services are available and most of them are accessible to historical sites. 

Guest Houses or Hostels

2-star hotels or below are categorized into guest houses which are inexpensive accommodations. They have moderate quality services and are different with quest houses in European and American countries.

Hotel Apartments

Hotel apartments are serviced apartment complexes which provide different facilities such as cooking staffs if you would like to travel with your family to Iran. 

Traditional Houses or Boutiques

This type of accommodation has been popular recently among foreign tourists. If you like to touch Iranians' culture and know about the style of Iranian families living, we recommend you to choose traditional houses or boutiques. They are located in historical places and provide rooms, homemade dishes, tea, sherbet and coffee shop services. 

Black tents with Nomad

If you are a lover of a completely traditional or even rural life style, you can try our nomad tour that allows you to live with Qashqaei nomad for several days. 


Camping is an outdoor accommodation for travelers who intend to use tents or campers. We offer different adventure tours which is combined with hiking, climbing, fishing and also astronomy.
You can have a better picture of the different hotels in the main cities of Iran by the following:



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