1) What documents are necessary before travelling to Iran?

 You need to prepare Iran visa, Iran insurance, vouchers of your accommodations and international flight ticket, before traveling to Iran. Derak Shiraz Travel & Tourism Agency provides all the services for your comfort.


2) What services can I book with Derak Travel?

With 16 years of experience, Derak Travel provides different services for your stay in Iran. They include: meet and greet in airport or other places you expect, Iran visa, Iran medical insurance, suitable tour package, transportation with driver, professional tour guide in most languages, international and domestic flights.


3) How can I find your representative when I arrive?

You can find Derak Travel's representative with a show card in her/his hand on which your name and Derak Shiraz Travel's name is written. The representative transfer and help you with the arrangements and services.


4) When time is suitable to travel to Iran?

Iran has 4 seasons with very moderate weather in most months. Spring season is the most suitable time for visiting Iran and you need to book your tour and hotel some months before.

The weather is hot in southern and southeastern cities in summer, although you enjoy weather in northwestern and northern cities. Shiraz city is famous for Ordibehesht month (May-June) to visit. Moreover, Iran ski season starts from mid-December to mid-March for ski lovers.


5) Is Iran a safe and secure country?

Iran is in complete peace and safe and in the Middle East region. Iran’s image from abroad is quite different to what is really felt in Iran. Iranian people are genuinely friendly and interested to know about you and your country. There are online travelogues which contain update travel experiences of tourists traveling to Iran. 


6) What can I eat and drink?

You experience some new taste in Persian traditional dishes and desserts. Rice is served (Chelo) with kebabs and stews (Khoroshts) which are cooked by lamb, chicken or beef and a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Water is OK in the cities but there is bottled mineral water available. In main cities you can find restaurants with national and international foods, pizza parlors, sandwich places, coffee shops, etc.

***   Please note that all foods are halal in Iran.

***   Alcohol drinks and pork meat are not allowed in Iran.


 7) What language can I speak?

The majority of Iranians speak Farsi or Persian, although there are different kinds of ethnic groups such as Azeri, Arab, Lori, Turkmen and Kurdish. Many tourists are surprised with the number of people who can speak very good English.


8) What calendar is used in Iran?

In Iran, 3 calendars are used on a daily bases. They are Solar Hijri calendar, Lunar Hijri calendar and Georgia calendar but Solar Hijri is a national calendar used in Iran and now we are in the year 1396. A week in Iran starts from Saturday to Thursday and Friday is weekend in Iran.


9) Are historical places open in public holidays?

Iran public holiday divides into religious and national holidays. The longest public holiday is Noruz which starts from 21 March and last 13 days (for school) and 4 days (for organizations). During this time everywhere is open.

Before confirming itinerary for your trip, we inform you about the holidays. Public holidays that historical places are close:

4 June 2017: death anniversary of Imam Khomeini

16 June 2017: martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali

20 July 2017: martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sadegh

30 September 2017: Imam Hossein Tasoua

1 October 2017: Imam Hossein Ashoura

17 November 2017: Anniversary death of Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hassan


10) How should I wear in Iran?

The Islamic Republic of Iran requires women to wear loose fitting below the knee, length garments and a head scarf which can be purchased in hotels and shops. Legs and arms must be covered. Men must wear trousers (no shorts) and shirt sleeves at to the elbow.  

A light woolen sweater may be needed in the cool of dry climate washed clothes dry in a couple of hours. Have a pair of good walking shoes and a hat is advised.


11) Can I use international credit cards?

Due to certain reasons, there is no possibility to use any kind of the credit card or Debit card in Iran. All transactions are being done by cash.


12) What currency can I bring?

The best currency that you might want to bring with yourself is Euro or US$. The exchange parity rate is fluctuated but averagely it is 39000-40000 Iranian Rials for 1 American dollar and 47000-48000 Rials for 1 Euro. It is not fixed at all, so please cross check it every day.

Latest fares can be checked at www.bmi.ir


13) Where should I exchange currency?

You can exchange your money in banks, there are also authorized exchange shops at the airport or streets which are called 'Sarrafi' or 'Exchange office'. You are not recommended to exchange your money with street exchangers who shout for Dollar, Euro and Pound Exchange. Our representative for your comfort can help you to exchange your money in a safe office.


14) How can I transfer money to Derak Travel?

The deposit or the total fee may be received through sending the fee to our agents' bank accounts. If you have any partner, relative or friend in Iran, the fee can be sent to our bank account in Iran, so you do not need to pay the transaction fee and the services can be arranged sooner.

***   Please note that the transaction fee will be on you.


15) Can I use internet in Iran?

Internet speed is not as fast as developed countries; however it is acceptable especially in bigger cities. Most of Iran hotels have coffee net in their hotels, wireless or dial up dependent on the level of the hotel. You can also find coffee nets in all cities by asking local people and you may expect to pay one dollar or one and half dollar per hour. Some websites are blocked in Iran and Facebook is opened by using VPN.


16) What SIM Card can I use?

There are mobile Irancell SIM Cards in Iran that are cheap and make your contact way so easy. It can be prepared easily at the airport or a super market in Iran and if you like, it can be bought before your arrival to Iran and presented to you by our agent upon arrival. Your family can be in touch with you at any moment that they like. You can activate internet of your SIM card while you stay in Iran.


17) How can I contact home?

You can call your hometown from the hotels and places you stay easily.  You can buy calling cards with different prices of 3-5 $ USD and make cheap contacts. As it is the Persian Language telephone operator, you may ask your tour guide or hotel receptionists. It would be so easy to reach.

You can make the contact through sending emails, messenger, Gtalk, etc. sometimes, it may be low Internet speed, so you may not be able to open Skype especially in smaller cities.


18) What are Emergency Calls in Iran?

The below is emergency calls which are available during 24 hours of a day to help and inform you.

Call Numbers Information: 118

Police: 110

Fire Station: 125

Emergency: 115

Red Crescent: 112

Police Traffic: 120

Pharmacy: 191

Flight Information: 199


18) Where can I purchases souvenir?

The bazaars in Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran offer a great range of quality Persian handicrafts. Fine carpets are reasonably priced (after serious bargaining) and some dealers offer credit (pay to an external account latter). Persian miniature paintings, Khatam fine inlay work, hand printed materials, unique pottery, tribal rugs and horse and camel trapping plus all manner of antiques will temp the shopper.





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