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About Kaleybar



Day 1 (Tehran)

Arrive at Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA), meet and greet by Derak representative. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N Tehran

Day 2 (Tehran)

In the morning, visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site)- one of the oldest groups of Tehran's buildings. Continue to Iran National Museum and National Jewels Museum which is a collection of precious jewels from different periods. In the late evening, visit Tabiat Bridge which is one the newest pedestrian bridges in Iran. O/N Tehran

Day 3 (Tehran- Masuleh)

After breakfast, drive towards Masuleh (380 km) which is an amazing village with its unique architectural style, located in Gilan province. Enjoy the nature of Masuleh and shopping. O/N Masuleh

Day 4 (Masuleh- Sarein)

Morning drive towards Sarein County (240 km) which is well-known because of its hot water springs- therapy in Ardebil province and visit Shourabil Lake en route. Enjoy spas and the landscape. O/N Sarein

Day 5 (Sarein- Kaleybar)

After breakfast, drive to Kaleyber County (235 km) in East Azerbaijan, a lush and green place which is used for summer camp. Enjoy outstanding landscape. O/N Kaleybar

Day 6 (Kaleybar)

Morning drive to a green and forest valley, Makidi Forest Park which is among Arasbaran forests. Later, climb up the mountain to visit Babak Qaleh (Castle). This castle was built in the memory of Azeri hero, Babak Khoramddin who resisted Arab armies. Then, return back to Kaleybar. O/N Kaleybar

Day 7 (Kaleybar- Tabriz)

After breakfast, drive to Tabriz (180 km) and visit Elgoli, a superb park with an area of 5.45 ha. Continue to Blue Mosque (Kabud) which is known as the turquoise of Islam. Then go to Tabriz Grand Bazaar (Free time for shopping) which is the world's largest covered bazaar. O/N Tabriz

Day 8 (Tabriz- Jolfa-Tabriz)

In the morning, drive towards Jolfa city (132 km) and visit St. Stepanos Monastery (UNESCO site), the first martyr on the way of Christian. O/N Tabriz

Day 9 (Tabriz- Kandovan- Takab)

After breakfast, drive to Kandovan Village (55 km) and visit this man-made cliff dwellings. Continue driving to the UNESCO site of Takht-e Soleyman (Throne of Solomon) in Takab (297 km of Kandovan). O/N Takab

Day 10 (Takab- Zanjan)

After breakfast, drive to Zanjan (188 km) and visit the UNESCO site of Soltaniyeh Dome, the capital of Ilkhanid dynasty which was founded by Mongols. Continue to Dash Kasan Temple (18 km) which is the third highest domed monument in the world. Drive back to Zanjan. O/N Zanjan

Day 11 (Zanjan- Hamedan)

After breakfast, drive towards Hamedan (260 km), also known Hegmataneh. Visit Ganjnameh which consists of the inscriptions ordered by Achaemenid Darius, the great and his son.

Continue to Abu-ali Sina (Avicenna) Mausoleum, the Persian famous polymath, philosopher and writer. Then go to Esther and MordechaiTomb, the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, which is an important Jewish pilgrimage site. O/N Hamedan

Day 12 (Hamedan)

After breakfast, drive towards Ali Sadr Cave (75 km) which is a rare and unique example of the caves for boating. In the afternoon, visit Hegmataneh which was the first governmental capital of Iran during the Median Empire. O/N Hamedan

Day 13 (Hamedan- Qazvin)

After breakfast, drive towards Qazvin (235 km), en route visit Shah Abbasi Caravanserai. In the afternoon, visit Jameh Mosque which is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. Continue to Aminiha Hosseynieh, a traditional house which was devoted to a public mourning area. O/N Qazvin

Day 14 (Qazvin- Alamout Castle- Qazvin)

After breakfast, drive to Alamout region (105 km) and climb up the mountain to visit the remains of the castle which was used for promoting Shiite Ismaili religion. Continue to the beautiful Ovan Lake which is located between four villages. Drive back to Qazvin. O/N Qazvin

Day 15 (Qazvin- Tehran)

After breakfast, drive towards Tehran (152 km) and visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site)-one of the oldest Tehran's buildings. Continue to National Jewelry Museum which is a collection of precious jewels. Then go to Grand bazaar (Free time for shopping). O/N Tehran

Day 16 (Tehran-End of the Tour)

Hotel check out and transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) for departure flight.

What's Included?

ü14 night accommodation

üDaily refreshments

üAir conditioned transport

üProfessional guide and driver

üEntrance fees

üIran visa

üIran medical Insurance

üAll cost of the guide and driver (insurance, food, accommodation, fuel, parking charge, toll, etc.)


Tour Availability

This tour is suitable for summer and autumn holiday.

*** This tour can be extended to other cities of Iran according to your request.



14 Days
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