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Day 1 (Shiraz)

Arrive at Shiraz Shahid Dastgheib International Airport, meet and greet by Derak representative. Transfer to hotel and rest. O/N Shiraz

Day 2 (Shiraz)

In the morning, visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque) which is stunning in the morning because of the dance of colors on Persian carpets. Continue to Zand Complex (bathhouse, mosque and bazaar) and Saray-e Moshir. Then, have pleasant walking to reach Karimkhan Citadel which was the seat of Zand Dynasty.

In the afternoon, visit Eram Garden (UNESCO Site), the most celebrated Persian garden. Later, go to Hafez Mausoleum, the great Iranian poet of 14th-century. Then continue to the graceful Quran Gate which is the focal point of Shiraz and Khaju Kermani Tomb, the greatest Sufi mystic and the 14th-century poet. O/N Shiraz

Day 3 (Shiraz-Bishapour-Tang-e Chogan-Ahvaz)

In the morning, drive to Ahvaz (540 km) via an ancient town of Bishapour (142 km of Shiraz) which is famous for the excavated palace of Shapour-the Great King of Sassanid Empire- and Anahita Water Temple. Then continue to the impressive archaeological site of Tang-e Chogan. O/N Ahvaz

Day 4 (Ahvaz-Chogha Zanbil- Susa- Kermanshah)

In the morning, drive to Kermanshah (496 km), en route visit the UNESCO site of Chogha Zanbil (132 km). The brick Ziggurat of Choqa Zanbil is the best remaining site of ancient Elamite architecture in the world. Continue to the 5500-year-old city of Shush (Susa) which is encompassed by a group of archaeological mounds and palaces, located 46 km of Chogha Zanbil. O/N Kermanshah

Day 5 (Kermanshah- Hamedan)

After breakfast, visit Taq-e Bostan which encompasses inscribed extraordinary Sassanid bas-reliefs on towering cliffs. Later, drive to Hamedan (185 km), en route visit the UNESCO Site of Bisotun of bas-relief carvings from the prehistoric times to the Median, Achaemenid, Sassanid and Ilkhanid periods, located 40 km of Kermanshah. Continue to the beautiful place of Ganjnameh which has a waterfall and two Achaemenid inscriptions from Darius I the Great called the Aryan Script (150 km). Then go to Abbas Abad hills to visit the view of Hamedan city (ancient Ecbatana). O/N Hamedan

Day 6 (Hamedan-Tehran)

In the morning, go to Abu-ali Sina (Avicenna) Mausoleum- the Persian famous polymath, philosopher and writer. Continue to 14th-century tomb tower of Esther and Mordekhai, the remains of the biblical Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai, which is an important Jewish pilgrimage site. Later, visit the UNESCO Site of Hegmataneh- the first government capital of Iran during Median Empire. In the afternoon, drive towards Tehran (320 km). O/N Tehran

Day 7 (Tehran)

In the morning, visit Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site) - one of the oldest Tehran's buildings. Continue to Iran National Museum and National Jewelry Museum which is a collection of precious jewels. Then visit Iran National Museum and Jewelry Museum which is a collection of precious jewels. In the afternoon, go to Carpet Museum- the main source of Iran carpet weaving. Then, have pleasant time in the teahouses of Darband resort at the foothills of Alborz Mountains. O/N Tehran

Day 8 (Tehran-Kashan-Abyaneh-Isfahan)

After breakfast, drive towards Isfahan (450 km). In Kashan (245 km), visit Tabatabaei Traditional House, Fin Garden (UNESCO Site) which is a symbol of Persian gardens. Continue to Kashan traditional bazaar. Then go to Abyaneh (87 km), a 4000-year-old village with its stunning red mud-brick houses. O/N Isfahan

Day 9 (Isfahan)

After breakfast, go to the UNESCO square of Naqsh-e Jahan (Meidan-e Imam), the world's second largest square. The square is surrounded by Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques which are two masterpieces of Safavid architecture, Ali Qapu Palace and Qeysarieh Bazaar which consists of the plenty of workshops such as inlaid work engravings, woodwork, filigree work, Persian carpets and miniatures.

In the afternoon, have pleasant walking to reach Vank Cathedral. Then, continue walking across Zayande Roud (River) and visit the historical and famous bridges of Isfahan, Sio-Se Pol (33 bridges) and Khaju. O/N Isfahan

Day 10 (Isfahan)

After breakfast, visit Jame Mosque (UNESCO Site) and Menar Jonban which shaking one of its minaret not only moves the other, but also the whole structure shakes. After that, we will have 20-minutes’ worth uphill climb to visit mud-bricks of Fire Temple (Atashgah). In the evening, visit Chehel Sotun (40 Pillars) Palace- a pavilion in the middle of a beautiful garden. O/N Isfahan

After breakfast, drive towards the UNESCO City of Yazd. En route visit Jame Mosque in Naein. Continue to Meybod and visit Narin Castle, Yakhchal (Traditional Icehouse) and Shah Abbasi Caravanserai which was built in order to promote trade and business during Safavid era. In Yazd, visit Saheb al-Zaman Zurkhaneh (The House of Strength) in an ancient water reservoir. O/N Yazd

Day 11 (Isfahan- Naein- Meybod- Yazd)

After breakfast, drive towards the UNESCO City of Yazd (321 km). En route visit Jame Mosque in Naein. Continue to Meybod County (121 km) and visit Narin Castle, Yakhchal (Traditional Icehouse) and Shah Abbasi caravanserai which was built in order to promote trade and business during Safavid era. In Yazd, visit Saheb al-Zaman Zurkhaneh (The House of Strength) in an ancient water reservoir. O/N Yazd

Day 12 (Yazd- Shiraz)

In the morning, visit the Silence Tower (Dakhme) where Zoroastrians left the dead bodies. Continue to the Zoroastrian Fire Temple where the sacred flame has been burning for almost 1500 years. Then, have a pleasant walking in the old town and visit Jame Mosque with its magnificent minarets which dominated the city. In the afternoon, drive to Shiraz (490 km). O/N Shiraz

Day 13 (Shiraz-Persepolis-Necropolis-Shiraz)

In the morning, go to Marvdasht Country (52 km) and visit Persepolis (UNESCO site)-the homeland of Persians during Achaemenid Empire. Continue driving to Necropolis (Naqsh-e Rostam), which is a burial place of four Achaemenid sovereigns, located in 10 km of Persepolis. At night, go to the holy shrine of Shah-e Cheraq- the brother of Imam Reza (Shiite's eighth Imam). O/N Shiraz

Day 14 (Shiraz-End of the Tour)

Hotel check out, transfer to Shiraz Shahid Dastgheib International Airport for departure flight.


What's Included?

ü13 night accommodation

üDaily refreshments

üAir conditioned transport

üProfessional guide and driver

üEntrance fees

üIran visa

üIran medical Insurance

üAll cost of the guide and driver (insurance, food, accommodation, fuel, parking charge, toll, etc.)


Tour Availability

This tour is suitable for all around of the year except summer time as weather in Yazd, Kerman and Ahvaz cities is very hot.

*** This tour can be extended to other cities of Iran according to your request.



14 Days
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