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Derak Travel provides different kinds of public and private transfer and transportation services for all destinations in Iran. Depending on individual and group tours, it can be arranged by bus, mini bus, middle bus, van, minivans, flight, car and train to some cities according to our clients' requests. Derak services include:


We provide all sizes of vehicles between airports and ports. In cases of events, we can serve hundreds of people arriving at the same time.

City tours transport 

All our vehicles are modern and air conditioned fully equipped with microphones for proper guided tours. Tours may be combined with transfers and can be of any duration.

Long distance transfers

We provide transportation between city centers in all large cities of Iran.

Special requests 

Sometimes it is necessary to provide a transportation equipped for people with disabilities. Tell us your case and we will offer the best option.

We can also provide meet and greet service in a place where you request. If you have a private group tour, please contact us about your transport-related needs.

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