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Muharram is the first month of Arabic calendar and reminds the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (shiya's third Imam), on Ashura day in Karbala Event. Imam Hussein is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the son of Imam Ali (shiya’ first Imam).

After bringing Islam to Iran, Iranian people in the respect of Imam Hussein have held the rituals of Muharram even more glorious than past. The most unique ritual is Nakhl-Gardani which is held on 21 Mehr or 12 October every year for the ritual of Ashura in the big cities and counties of Yazd. However, the palms of Amir Chakhmaq Square in Yazd and Taft are the oldest ones with about 450 years old. On the corner of the stunning Amir Chakhmaq complex in Yazd, stands the 8.5 meters high Nakhl (the Arabic word for palm tree which is used with the same meaning in Farsi). This Nakhl looks more similar to any regular cypress tree which Iran is famous for, often known as the country’s national tree as well.

Several days before starting the Muharram month, the members of Husseinieh, (mourning place) and people start decorating and infusing the palm trees in the cities of Yazd. "Nakhl" in this ceremony means "Palm" and this palm is known as the coffin of Imam Hussein. In fact, everything that is on the palm is reminiscent of the hard day of Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions passed. The sides of the palm are rectangular, made of wood and interconnected by other woods. One side of the palm tree is decorated with small and large mirrors that represent the illumination of the body of Imam Hussein. The other side of the palm is entirely covered with a black cloth that has a green cypress tree in the middle of the black part.

In Ashura mourning rituals, iranian people dress in black and enter the mosques. The following people go under palm tree's trunk and mourning leaders start masticates a black flag is installed at the top of the palm. Then those who are under the palm tree, raise the palm with various chantings. In some places, the palm is rounded religious sites for three or seven times. The night of Ashoura is named Shame-Ghariban. At the Shame-Ghariban, the square is silent and black and people mourn with light a candle and some believe that about 40 religious sites should light candles.

In Arbaeen on 18 Aban or 8 of November, thousands of people participate in Arbaeen ceremony to commemorate the 40th day of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his 72 companions. After Muharram month, the palms without any adornment are located next to Hosseineh, Tekyeh and big squares of the cities during the year. This shows the love, dedication and respect of Yazd people to Imam Hussein.

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