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Yazd is the capital city of Yazd Province and is listed in the UNESCO'S World Heritage‘s cities. Due to its location in central Iran between Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts, it has quite cold weather in winter, mild wather in autumn and spring and hot summers. The residents are called Yazdi People who speak Farsi with Yazdi accent.



This historic city is the home of Zoroastrian religion, making Yazd one of the most important cities of Iran for Zoroastrian religious and national ceremonies like Noruz, Mehregan, Sadeh, and Chak-Chak. Yazd is a famous city for Termeh, the broadcasts made with Iranian patterns, which are used in dresses, bags, footwear, and interior decoration. Besides, there are a lot of pastry shops which sell different kinds of traditional sweets like Baghlava, Ghotab, Haji Badom, Loz and cakes.





Transportation System


üDaily trains to the few cities of Iran (Isfahan, Tehran, Bandar Abbas, Zahedan, Kashan, Mashhad)

üBus in Yazd or within cities (Ghadir Bus Station)

üDomestic flights limited to a few major cities (Shahid Sadooghi Airport)

 yazd airport


  ۩Top Things to do

 Zoroastrian Fire Temple (Atashkadeh)

 Towers of silence (Borj-e Sokoot)

 Dolat-Abad Garden

 Jameh Mosque

 Amir Chakhmagh Mosque Complex

 Water Museum

 Sahib A Zaman Zurkhaneh

***Visit the mud-brick village of Kharanagh

*** Visit Pir-e Sabz Chak-Chak Pilgrimage




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