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About the city

Kerman is a capital city of Kerman province, located in the southeastern part of Iran. Situated in the UNESCO site of Lut Desert, this city enjoys four different seasons which have warm summers and sandy storms in spring and autumn but the climate is generally cool. This also has created the most beautiful regions of Kaluts and Gandom-e Beryan in the east of Kerman for desert lovers.

 Bozgarme Abgoosht



Kerman is famous for the world’s longest bazaar, Persian Qantas and mud-brick citadels, are reflective of its rich cultural heritages. The language people speak is Persian with Kermani accent. Kerman is also a largest producer of carpets and a major exporter of pistachio and cumin in Iran.



This city not only offer tasty specialties like Bozqorme Abgoosht (goat stew), Motenajbe Abgoosht, Alooche Kermani Abgoosht, Ashe Sholi, Ashe Reshte, but it also has popular sweets such as Kolompeh cookie and Quvetoo.






Transportation System


üDaily trains to the most cities of Iran

üBus in Kerman or within cities (Adineh Bus Terminal)

üDomestic flights (Kerman International Airport) to major cities of Iran


Kerman Railway Station 

۩ Top Things to do 

Visiting the world’s longest bazaar

Desert excursion in Shahdad and enjoy visiting extraordinary Kaluts

Visit Gandome Beryan the hottest part of the world

The first mud-brick citadel of Bam and Rayen Citadel in a small version

The beautiful Persian Mahan garden and

Visiting Shah Nemattolah Vali Poet’s Tomb


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