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The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, in collaboration with Republic University, holds the Iranian Cultural Week at the faculty of Communication and Information. The Iranian Cultural Week has been began on Monday, November 29th and last until Friday, December 3rd.

The Iranian embassy said that the ceremony was began with the Uruguayan and Iranian national anthems and hosted Uruguayan ambassadors, foreign ambassadors and diplomatic community, the university's professors and students as well as Iranians residents in Uruguay. Moreover, the participants were silent a minute in respect of the recent earthquake victims in Kermanshah city of Iran.

Following the ceremony, Dr Roberto Marcayran, the chancellor of the Republic University, referred to Uruguay's interest in enhancing scientific and cultural cooperation with Iran, and the University's role in launching the Persian language course for students and organizing the Iranology course was the sign of the University's seriousness in order to deep cooperation between the two countries.

He also referred to his trip to Tehran in October last year, he expressed hope that the two countries will work together in different fields.

Following, Abolfazl Pasandideh, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uruguay, praised the cooperation of the Republic University with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also said that the purpose of holding Cultural Week in Uruguay was to express the facts of the Iranian nation's history and the capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran in various areas such as culture, art and music and scientific advances in recent years.

Pasandideh emphasized that despite the cultural differences between Iran and Uruguay, the two countries have had more than one hundred and eleven years of friendly and non-tension relations which show that while the counties have differences, they can be good friends for each other.

The Iranian Cultural Week also includes the speeches of the university lectures, ambassadors and Iranian experts in history, literature, poetry, culture, art, carpet, miniature. The scientific achievements of the country is shown in the different faculties of the University of Republic.

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