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  • Alisadr Cave

      Alisaadr Cave originally called Ali Saadr or Ali Saard (meaning cold) is the world's larg...
  • Yalda Night or Shabe Cheleh

        History of Yalda Night In ancient Persia and past time before Ashou Zartosht, the...
  • Shapouri House

    Shapouri House  Shapouri House Location Shapouri House is in downtown Shiraz, Fars Province...
  • Iran Carpet

    Iran Carpet History of Carpet Weaving Iran Carpet is undoubtedly one of the most manifestations ...
  • Avicenna

      Biography Avicenna or Abu-Ali Sina was one of the famous philosophers of Iran and Islamic...


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Naz Islands is the only place that can be reached by walk or car, one kilometer into the glacial waters of Persian Gulf. This is one of the most important tourism attractions of Qeshm Island, located 22 km of Qeshm.

Naz Islands consists of two islands, which are located near the eastern shores of Qeshm. The island lacks san




Zurkhuneh is one of the oldest sports of the world that was acceded to other countries with Iranian names, sign, formalities, customs, language and characters. The traditional Iranian gym is named Zurkhaneh or the House of Strength which resembles to Roman Mithras temples in Roman Empire (4th-century B.C) in the past and gymnasium n

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