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You can request and buy travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Iran. After issuing the insurance, a scanned copy of the insurance letter will be sent to you, which can be submitted to the Iranian Embassy Consulate for issuing visa. For some countries, your insurance certificate as well as other documents are needed for applying visa.
Derak Travel Agency provides this service for your comfort. Please read the benefits, general terms and conditions, general exclusions and commitments related to this insurance before your request.


What medical insurance covers?

1. Accept and transfer the insured person to the nearest equipped hospital or medical centers in the shortest possible time.

2. Transfer the insured person to the more equipped medical centers as soon as possible in emergency case with the opinion of the doctor.

3. Transfer the insured person to his/her home country if the insured person’s physical condition prevents his/her return as a regular passenger after treatment in the place according to the opinion of doctor trusted by the insurer.

4. Take necessary actions in case of the insured person death to transfer the body to the nearest airport in the country of his/her settlement.

5. Take necessary actions to return 15-year-old person in company with the insured person and a person in charge of office to the insured person’s home country if the insured person is not able to continue traveling by personal vehicle or a vehicle that is used at the beginning of the trip.

6. Take the necessary actions to transfer the relative of the insured person to Iran if the insured person due to an accident or diseases covered by the insurance policy, is hospitalized and need a patient attendant based on the opinion of the doctor.


What fees payment is covered?

1. Medical Costs

Medical and hospital costs are up to 10,000 Euros or the equivalent to Rial according to the foreign currency rates stipulated in the insurance policy based on medical certificate on the urgent need of treatment in the covered period (after reducing deductible medical expenses) is to be paid as follow:

1.1 Medical costs include the initial visit, laboratory and experiment services, drug costs, ambulatory surgery, physiotherapy and transfer the injured person and patient to appropriate medical centers.

1.2 Medical costs associated with hospitalization and surgery in hospitals and restricted surgery centers (Day Care with more than 6 hours of hospitalization).


2. Non-Medical Costs:

2.1 Conventional costs related to prepare the coffin and transfer the corpse of the deceased insured to the nearest international airport in the country of origin or the country of residence (the costs of organizing the funeral and burial is not obligated for the insurer).

2.2 If the insured person due to an accident or illness covered by the insurance policy, is hospitalized in the hospital for more than 10 days and a patient attendant is needed according to the opinion of the doctor, the conventional sweep cost of one of his/her relatives of the insured from the country of insured residence will be paid to the hospital.

2.3 The unexpected return cost for the insured person due to injuries or acute medical illness or the death of relatives if the insured person cannot use return ticket.

2.4 Conventional costs to return 15 year-old in company with the insured person and a person in charge of the office to the country of origin or the country of residence in case of the death or the hospitalization of the insured person will be paid.

2.5 Emergency dental costs up to 200 Euros. These expenses include toothache, infection and tooth extractions.

2.6 Travel expenses required for preparing important documents such as passports, driving licenses or consular documents if the insured person lose documents up to 200 Euros.

2.7 Costs relating to legal aid up to 250 Euros in claims against the insured person during the period of residence in Iran, the petition is posed.

2.8 Pay the cost for the compensation of the lost property or lost luggage up to 150 Euros.




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