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Avicenna or Abu-Ali Sina was one of the famous philosophers of Iran and Islamic philosophy and one of the world's thinkers. He was born in Bukhara and spent his initial education there. After studying Qur'an and jurisprudence, he started educating in the science of logic, and mathematics. He read all the books in these fields remained from Aristotle, Galen, Hippocrates, Archimedes, Ptolemy and Fervorius. At the age of 16, he was invited to treat the king of Samanian Empire. When Avicenna finished obtaining all the intellectual sciences at the age of 18, he began writing his book. In the year 392 AH, he went to Bukhara at the age of 22.




He was temporarily assigned to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Shams Deylami, in Hamedan. He was subsequently imprisoned for some time because he was accused of communicating with Isfahan governor. Avicenna died on one of his journey to Hamadan in 428 AH. He was buried in Hamadan in the garden of the private house of his friend, Abu Saeed Dakhdook. The design of the current mausoleum of Bu-Ali Sina, is in the style of the Quranic architecture, and adapted from the beautifully constructed Gonbad-e Kaboos, which lived in the era of Bu-Ali Sina, was built by the great architect Houshang Seyhoon in 1330.

Avicenna Prominent Works

Avicenna or Abu-Ali Sina was a Persian polymath and one of the most significant philosophers and writers. Avicenna is called the father of medicine and his most famous works are The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine which became a standard medical text at many medieval universities and still remained in use.




Avicenna Mausoleum

Hamedan city has been well known for the tower of Avicenna Mausoleum since 50 years ago. The first mausoleum was designed in Qajar era and constructed during Pahlavi dynasty. His mausoleum is currently located in an elliptical square with the same name. Old plane trees, grassy gardens and a statue representing this square, have created a beautiful promenade.



Susa Tour

Derak Shiraz Tour& Travel Agency provides different cultural tours such as Susa which give you an opportunity to visit Hamedan city which is the most ancient city of Iran called Ecbatan. During this tour you not only visit this city, you will visit Avicenna Mausoleum. The services included in your tours depends on your request for your private individual and group tours. For more information, please contact us.



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