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Badab Sourt

Geographic Location and its Meaning

Badab-e Sourt is considered as one of the most attractive sights with its unique natural wonders. The Badab Sourt spring has been registered as a national heritage site.

Badab-e Sourt is located in Orost Village in the southern part of Sari city, the capital of Mazandaran province. It is at a height of 1,840 meters above sea level. It is believed that its spring was created during the Paleocene Era as same time as the latest folds in the Alborz mountain range.

The word Badab consists of two Persian words as ‘Bad’ means 'gas' and ‘ab’ means 'water'. Also Sourt is an old name comes from Orost village which means ‘intensity’ in Persian language.


Badab Sourt’s attractions

The Badab Sourt includes two separate springs with different colored and scented water. The first spring contains salty water which gathers in a small natural pool. The Local people believe that its water is useful for the treatment of such disorders as back aches, rheumatism and skin diseases.

The second spring has a sour taste and is orange mainly due to the large iron oxide sediments at its outlet. Throughout thousands years, the water of these two springs emerged from the mountain range which have combined and resulted in a number of orange-, red- and yellow-colored pools shaped as a naturally formed staircase. This is mainly because the carbon minerals of the water are cooled and deposited on the mountainside.

The surrounding area of this place also consists of pine forests in the north, short trees and shrubs in the east; and rock quarries can be seen in the west of the site.

 1024px Badab e Surt Panorama


When visit Badab Sourt?

The best time to visit this area is undoubtedly during sunrise or sunset when the sun’s orange reflection blends in perfectly with the colored spring.