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Shiraz Traditional Dishes

Kalam Polo

Kalam Polo is one of the most delicious and authentic Shirazi foods. This food is made of different types of cabbage. In most cities of Iran, it is cooked with white cabbage but it is not as tasty as Shirazi cabbage. This tasty specialty includes rice, saffron, cabbage, meat balls and herbs that can be fresh or dried.


Shirazi Salad

This is the most famous starter in Shiraz and other cities of Iran which is accompanied with different specialties. This tasty sour salad is made of chopped cucumber, tomato, onion and for its dressing young grape water, pepper, salt and dried mint are used.


Shirazi Ashe Shabzi

Ashe Sabzi is one of the most famous Persian ash (soup) which has many fans. It is interesting to know that this cuisine is mostly cooked for breakfast and evening. It is prepared by fresh vegetables, grains, meat and rice.



Faloodeh or Paloodeh is one of the most interesting and delicious dessert which is mostly used in hot summers. This is an ice dessert that is made by narrow strands of starch in a mix of water and sugar. This Faloodeh is served by a variety of seasoning such as lemon juice, rosewater, distillates like sweetbrier and sour cherry.



Peach Koofteh (Ball)

This is one of the popular traditional dishes in Shiraz which is called this name as its size resemble to peach rather but interestingly it does not include peach. It is prepared similar to Tabrizi Koofteh in terms of its essential ingredients including cooked rice, meat, and egg for making the balls which is filled by walnut, dried plum and onion.

 Peach Koofteh



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