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Masal City

Masal is one of the most wonderful cities in Guilan Province called as untouched paradise. This is a mountainous region with a unique climate and a spectacular nature that is amazing for tourists and those who have been living there for many years.


The Geographical Condition

Masal is located in 50 km from Rasht city has a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants with a total area of ​​622 square km. Masal is bordered to the city of Rezvanshahr in the north, to the cities of Fouman and Somme Sara in the east, to Khalkhal and Ardabil provinces in the south and west. This region generally enjoys mild and humid climate and mountainous climate in the mountainous part of this city.



Culture and Civilization

The people living in Masal come from Taleshi generation whose spoken tongue is Taleshi. All men and women are hard-working and the power and perseverance of women is famous in all areas of Guilan. Masal economically depends on agriculture, livestock and similar industries and rice production which is considered as one of the most important agricultural productions in this region. Thos leads Masal people having jobs related to farming, livestock, beekeeping, fisheries, and aquaculture and silkworm that produce a variety of food productions such as organic honey, Taleshi cheese, citrus, local halva and rice.


Masal Touristic Attractions 


 Masal Green Roof 😍😍

The green roof of Masal has a beautiful view of the city, located 1 km away from the city which can be considered as one of the most outstanding tourist destinations in Iran.




► Masal Summering Place 

The ‘Oles Balangah’ is one of the most unique summering place in Guilan province. Oles is a mountainous and densely populated, having residential complex with a wooden structure that most of its inhabitants are from Masal people, who are there for spending the summer season.


► Masal Waterfalls

There are several waterfalls in this city that are as the main touristic attractions.


 ► The Stone Wall of the Masal Asbe Risse

Another beautiful attraction of this region is the Stone Wall Asbe Risse is considered as one of Iran’s tallest climbing cliffs which hosts major national, regional and even world championships.


► Martyrdom Place of Mirza Kuchak Khan Jangali

Masal city is also well known asa  martyrdom place of the Mirza kuchak Khan Jangali.
He was martyred in Masal alttitude while he was passing the area to Khalkhal, a city in Ardebil province.


► Local Bazaars

Local bazaars are as a part of the culture of the people in Guilan, which attracts a large number of tourists to different areas of the province.
The local market of Friday Market in Shanderman area is one of the most popular local markets in the province. This bazaar is considered as a place for the purchase and sale of local food productions and handicrafts by Taleshi men and women.