Heyran Pass


(Heyran Pass (Gardane Heyran

In the northwest of the Iran, there is a road on the mountain side connecting the two cities of Ardebil and Astara. About 35 km from this road, from Astara to the city of Ardabil, the road becomes a heaven attraction. The area where many tourists travel there to see only the marvelous scenery on the road

Heyran, a green name in Guilan Province

This road has taken its name from the green and beautiful village that is located on the road. The Heyran village is located 30 km away from Astara. In fact, this village is the most bordered city in Guilan Province. The village is covered by fog in most of the year.

Heyran village1


Every day is the best time to be astonished! 😮😮

If looking at the infinite beauty makes you admire, it is true that Heyran Pass will show you marvelous nature every season. The temperature of this area is cool in almost all seasons. However, it may be difficult for you to pass the snowy hill in winter. We recommend you that do not miss to visit this area in fall and spring seasons.

 Heyran Village


The attractions of Heyran Pass, a new season in the book of Iran nature

Due to the popularity of Heyran Pass, Heyran tourism village was built to provide a plenty of amenities for its tourists’ convenience. This village is a place to relax and have fun.
The most popular part of this touristic village is its telecabine. Just walk a few meters from the ground to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the road as well as the amazing forests of Azerbaijan. The telecabine starts from Heyran Pass to Fandoglu Forest. We recommend that you do not miss this part of touristic village.


The sled, the tallest sled of the north

By choosing a sled, you can reach the heart of the mountains covered with forest in about 1500 km. The cabins are single and you can control the speed with the lever placed on the right.

Heyran Sled


Hirkan National Park, the view of Azerbaijan

This forest park is in fact the regional border between Iran and Azerbaijan. This vast forest with a varied vegetation makes a beautiful landscape for photography.


Mashand Village, a memorable taste of local dairy products 😋😋👌

In the route 18 km away from Astara to Ardebil, a village called Mashand is located. We suggest that change your route and spend several hours in this village. This village does not only provide the unique and untouched scenery, but it also has hospitable and kind people. The occupation of the village inhabitants is often agriculture and animal husbandry. Tourists who enjoy consuming organic food buy local dairy productions which would help the rural economy.


Fandoglu Forest (Hazelnut Forest), Chamomile flower garden 😍😍

This jungle enjoys a cool and pleasant climate as it is located at an altitude. This area has been named Fandoglu in Persian language because there are many hazelnut trees. This area is also a land of beautiful and unique flowers. The most important of these flowers are Lily of the Valle and chamomile. In addition, the Fandoglu has a water spa pool, where you can get rid of your fatigue. On this way there are a plenty local souvenir shops that their colors and smells will attract you for shopping. Our suggestion is to try the taste of dairy productions, honey, wild hazelnuts, red raspberries and local fruit bars.

Heyran Foods



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