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Meaning of Nowruz

Nowruz - the Iranian’s New Year- is one of the most magnificent memorial of Iranians that has lasted for almost 3000 years, and is one of the most ancient celebrations of the world. Nowruz is celebrated on the 20th or 21st of March at the beginning of Farvardin (Persian month) or spring equinox, when the flowers and plants are born. The alive world brings happiness and joy to colorful life. The blossom of love and hope as well as efforts are created.


History of Nowruz

According to teachings of Ashou, Zoroastrian Prophet, the ancient Persians believed that the joy and happiness come from the Ahourai good manifestations and is harmonious with life which remove disturbing sorrow and mourning.

A group of Iranian scholars and historians believe that Nowruz goes back to the reign of Jamshid, Pishdadiyan King. In this regard, Iranian scholars and poets, such as Ferdowsi Tousi and Khayyam Neyshaburi and Abu Reihan-e Birouni, have reported in their valuable works.

In the literature attributed to the Zoroastrians, it has been stated that God created the world in six times or six Chahreh (Gahanbar), and each Chahreh lasted for five days, was created. Each Chahreh is one phenomena of Ahuramazda, which is necessary for life.

Thus, the first sky, then water, earth, plants, animals, and at the end of the sixth Chahreh, which is the last five days of each year, man was created, and with the advent of man, evolution in creation has come into a new stage. After that, he began his life on earth. Our thoughtful ancestors in order to praise the creation of the man-the most complete creation of Ahuramazda-celebrated magnificently the great of Nowruz.




Nowruz among Zoroastrians

The Zoroastrians believe in Avesta writings that, ten days before the first day of Farvardin month in Persian calendar (20-21 March) each year, the Farvahars of the dead will come to earth, and they will be guests of their descendants and children for ten days, then will return back at the dawn of the first day of Farvardin month. As such, the Zoroastrians clean the house and around their lives from the first day of Esfand month (20-21 February) and at the dawn, they burn fire over the top of their houses. They also buy new clothes and bring home' stuffs to their home.

In welcoming Nowruz, most Zoroastrian families prepare sweets and traditional foods. They gather in fire temples and celebrate Nowruz with Nowruz table, religious ceremony near to fireplace.




Nowruz Nowadays

For Nowruz, Haft Sin, which means seven items starting with sin ("S" in English) is provided. The number seven is one of the numbers respected by Persians and Zoroastrians. The researchers believe that during the Sassanid era, there was a very beautiful tapestry plate (called Chini in Persian language) from the land of China. The Chini word was later renamed to the Cini and later it became Seven Sin over time.

Nowadays Iranians prepare the table of Haft Sin consists of seven immortal holy items like Seeb (apple), Sir (garlic), Senjed (berry) , Samanu (a traditional sweet meal), Serke (vinegar), Somagh (sumac) and Sabze (green shoots) symbolizing rebirth. Moreover, there are some other items with their own meanings Mirror, Candles, Small gold fish, Colourful eggs, Seke (coins), Quran, Hafiz’s poetry book, Clock and many traditional sweets.

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