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Chahrshanbe Soori (Fire Festival)

Happy Chahar Shanbeh Soori and may your wishes come true

People of Persian culture celebrate the last Wednesday of the year, the Tu




The meaning of Sadeh

The term "Sadeh" comes from the root of Pahlavi's language, meaning a "hundred". The ancient Iranians divided the year into two seasons of summer and wi

Basic Information about Hormuz Island

Population: 7000

Langauage: Farsi dialect, very little English spoken on the island

Currency: Iranian Rial IRR (rates constantly changing due to inflation)

Elevation: 186 m (610 ft)

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Derak Shiraz Tour & Travel Agency

Derak Shiraz was established in 1998 as an air travel services and tourism agency, authorized by Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization in Shiraz-Iran. The com


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