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Kelardasht Location

Kelardasht, one of the most charming mountainous city, is situated in the north of Iran, as a part of Chaloos County. Kelardasht has the best weather for the tourists who are going to travel to Iran in summer (average: 20 centigrade degree). At the 2006 census, its population was 11,921, in 3,361 families.

This region is connected to Chaloos County by two attractive ways passing through forests and mountains: one of them is derived from Chaloos-Karaj road in Marzan Abad and the other one begins in Abass Abad situated at Chaloos-Tonekabon road.

In this region, you can find 45 peaks, with more than 4000 meters high, Alam Kooh peak is the highest (4845 m); this one is listed in the eight most difficult mountains to climb.


The city is composed of 5 districts (Hasankif, Lahoo, Kordichal, Valbal and Rood Barak). Hasankif has been the business district for many years and is currently also the political center.

The majority of the inhabitants speak Mazandarani as the dialect, but a few migrants speak Kurdish.

Kelardasht and Attractions

This place originally is a farming area, but in recent years much of its land in small lots has been sold to build numerous villas which are rented by summer visitors trying to escape the heat of Tehran and tourists who are seeking the best place for recreation.

Its attractions include Alam Kooh Mountain (the second tallest peak in Iran (4850 m)), Abbas Abad Road, Valasht Lake and Roodbarak forest park. Picnicking and mountain climbing in the area surrounding Roodbarak River are also popular, as well as in the Abbas Abad Forest nearby.

Valasht Lake, as a diamond between mountains, with more than 25 meters depth is great for fishing, swimming, camping and boating.



Sardabrood River which devides Rood Barak village into parts, is the best place here for walking along and really attractive that you can’t forget it forever.

Derak Tours

Derak Shiraz Tour& Travel Agency provides different eco tours in the green lands of Iran in the North for your summer holidays. The services included in your tours depends on your request for your private individual and group tours.



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